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DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

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Tired of spending hours on eyelash extensions or buying disposable lashes?

✅ Apply in just 5 minutes

✅ Easy to apply

✅ Hypoallergenic

✅ Save time and money

✅ Natural and professional look

✅ Long-lasting

Discover the confidence and self-esteem you deserve!
Imagine waking up looking stunning every morning.

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With the At-Home Eyelash Extension Kit, you're not just investing in your beauty, but also in your self-love. Discover the power of elevated self-esteem and unwavering confidence when you truly feel amazing. Feel good every day and let the world see the incredible woman you are! It's time to shine!

Easy to Apply

Designed with convenience in mind, this complete eyelash extension kit makes application a breeze. Even if you have no experience, you can achieve stunning lashes in just three steps:


No more daily application of false lashes! Each kit provides up to 10 applications, with each application lasting 10 to 15 days.

For less than £2 per application, you can have a striking look and renewed self-esteem for much longer!

100% Natural Effect

Unlike common extensions, the At-Home Eyelash Extension Kit includes synthetic fibers in various lengths, giving you a more natural and striking look compared to traditional methods.

A Powerful Look: Perfect lashes without the salon price!

Forget about paying over £30 for lash applications and needing monthly maintenance. With up to 10 applications per kit and each application lasting up to 15 days, your investment is just £1.80 per application.

Easy to Remove

Forget painful methods that can even pull out your natural lashes. Our kit includes a powerful remover that helps you remove the extensions easily and quickly.


Be ready for any occasion. The At-Home Eyelash Extension Kit is waterproof and will stay flawless for up to 15 days!

Meet the At-Home Eyelash Extension Kit

Includes: 1 set of lashes (200 units) + 1 bond mascara (glue) + 1 seal mascara (sealer) + 1 remover + 1 applicator tweezer.

✅ Synthetic fibers with a natural look

✅ Different lengths for customized looks

✅ Waterproof

✅ Hypoallergenic

✅ Magnetic traction-like hold

✅ Safe formula

✅ No residue

✅ Non-irritating

✅ Quick removal

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